We are the weavers of a beautiful tapestry and we work to serve your souls. We strive to weave in a beautiful life adorned with joy, happiness and abundance.

How your life gets easy with Vaastuvedas

What is it that makes us so popular with brands. Why are we the preferred choices for Corporates and Individuals. Certainely our process of work counts for it but what spices up the whole process are our PHILOSOPHIES AND IDEOLOGIES....what are those ideals that we believe and stick to.

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Recent Blogs

We want you to create an amazing aura and vibe in your living and work space. These blogs highlight on few ideas and rituals
which can be a part of your daily routine to be blessed with ABUNDANCE

Why Vaastuvedas


We make a clear defined and systematic approach to problem solving through through a calculated method


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From 200 sq ft space to a 200 acre project, our remedies are completely WITHOUT ANY DEMOLITION based on well planned and mastered scientific measures.


VaastuVedas is a vastu consultancy firm engaged in Residential Vastu, Commercial Vaatu, Industrial Vaastu, Numerology and Aromatherapy.

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Our Status in Numbers
1500 + Clients

We work for reputed brands and individuals across world

2500 + Jobs Executed

Happy clients are always a result of faith and targeted results.

14 + Years of Experience

Love and passion for what we do has brought us so far

8 + Country Operations

Our operations expand to more than 8 countries in the world.

Our Clientele

Online Consultation

Sometimes when going gets tough and you find it difficult to meet in person, we make it easier for you to smile. Consider getting in touch for
an online consultation for anything that bothers you or blocks you