Why Vaastuvedas

With so many vaastu shastra consultants in the field what is it that one thing that sets Vaastuvedas apart from others in the field??

Its the foresightedness and wilingness of its founder Mr Rajesh Sarswat to look into modern practices and methods to carve a harmonal and peaceful balance between mankind and nature and harness maximum profit for 'YOU and YOURS'

The few principles which sets Vaastuvedas as an eminent player in this field are :-

  • A systematic and scientific approach to look at a problem and offer solutions likewise.
  • Correcting the major vastu faults with NO demolition rates.
  • Aspiration to achieve hundred percent precision levels so the symptoms do match completely with the problems.
  • With clients all over world, the company focusses on accurate diagnosis.
  • Maximum usage of colors, various shapes and metals to good effects to solve the vastu problems.
  • Use of Lecher Antennae, ACMOS (Paris)to diagnose subtle energies through their wavelengths in the nature.
  • Use of GEO SCANNER to detect the geo energies below the earth, which today is the root cause of all our problems.
  • Use of RFI for the aura scanning of the person and the place.