Important Guidelines of Vastu Shastra

Once the building is made as per the Vastu principles, attention is given to the finer details of the building i.e the beauty of the structure. Whenever a land is being purchased, the following points should be kept in the mind.

  • The shape of the plot should not be ill shaped. The selected plot should be a square or a rectangular one.
  • The plot should not have cracks anywhere.
  • Selecting a triangular plot is inauspicious.
  • One should not select a small plot nestled between two big plots. In this case, the owner is always trapped in troubles.
  • The length of the plot in East-West direction should be more than North-South direction.
  • There should be more open space in the North side of the plot than the South.
  • All the heavy items should be placed in the SouthWest corner of the plot.
  • While sleeping the head should be placed in the South and East direction , never in West and Nouth direction.
  • Over Head Water tanks should be made in the SouthWest direction. These should never be placed in the North East corner of the house.
  • One should try to have just one main entry to the house which should be adorned with beautiful symbols.
  • The doors and windows of the house should be such, that the upper edges fall in the same line.
  • The family lives a peaceful life if the North East section of the house is kept as light as possible.
  • The slope should be towards North and East direction.
  • The plot entrance is vital. A 'T' junction from the East, North and North East is highly profitable. If it is in any other Vastu zone, get a Vastu evaluation done.
  • Construction of Compound wall should be done before building other construction. This must be done with due offerings and on the auspicious astronomical dates.
  • Water resource is considered ideal in North-east but one must consult a Vastu consultant to make appropriate way for under-water and over-head tank.
  • One should be careful in selecting pictures for decorating the houses.