Cancer and Tumors

Innumerable times we get to hear that those suffering from cancer reports that they have been eating a healthy diet, are not over weight, they do not smoke, drink little alcohol and also exercise on a regular basis. Then what is it that made them go through this deadly disease??

The rate at which people are being diagnosed with cancer in today's time, its quite apparent that CANCER will be the root cause of death amongst people. Already one in three women and one in two men will develop cancer at some point during their life time. Once it is diagnosed, cancer is fatal in 47% of young women and 37% of young men.

At a cancer conference that was held in Berlin over 75 years ago, it was confirmed it is more likely for a person to develop cancer when that person has slept in a Geopathic Stress affected area. Thousands of medical doctors and therapists also confirm that the geopathic stress lines must be cleared from a place in order to ensure successful treatments.

Even if you have a certain gene, which in cases of breast cancer gives you a higher risk, this is unlikely to have an effect on you unless you are Geopathic Stressed. Most childhood cancers are caused by the mother having slept in a Geopathic Stress place during pregnancy and the child then sleeping in a Geopathic Stress place afterwards.

Geopathic Stress causes depression, which in turn makes it difficult for the victim to recover from the poor state of physical illness. Most people who get cancer have very acidic blood and are high in micro-parasites. They are also low in certain vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements due to a poor absorption rate caused by Geopathic Stress, subsequently resulting in malnutrition. This weakens the immune system of a person which is infact the main important cause of cancer. Even after the cancer treatment, many people die of other ailments like pneumonia, heart attack etc. because the body ability to fight against diseases is highly reduced.

This is to be noted, that we all produce hundreds of pre-cancerous cells each day but they are normally destroyed by a strong immune system. But the person sleeping in a GS area has a weakened immune system and thus fail to destroy these cancerous cells.

How Geopathic Stress Lines Causes Different Types Of CANCERS