Mr.Rajesh Sarswat, is the co-founder of "Vaastuvedas". The company came into existence in the year 1980 under the eminent guidance of Dr. Kishan Raj Sarswat, a highly-respected vastu consultant from Kolkata. He is an author and speaker for vastu shastra with the very aim to unfold the secrets of this wonder science.

Mr Rajesh Sarswat firmly believes that just as Yoga and Meditation, Vastu Shastra which owes its existence to the times of vedas have health-enhancing and life-giving benefits which stand on its own.

If the five elements i.e Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space are balanced and every obstruction to the life supporting energy is removed we will recieve the maximum support of nature thereby promoting our full potentials. Vaastuvedas owes its existence to these very basic ideals.

The core competent areas of Mr Rajesh includes vastu shastra consultancy for industries, residential projects, commercial projects and geopathic stress. What sets Mr.Rajesh apart from others in the fields is his modern approach and technique to find solutions to a problem.

He has mastered the use of Lecher Antennae which is considered to be the "Science's best kept secret". he makes use of it to identify matching wavelengths in organic, electro-magnetic and geological substances as well as measure the unseen fields around the human being. This enables his powers to understand information on a new level and he can easily determine the quality of multiple energetic fields and see how they effect human systems. Along with this another advancement that he has made in the field is the use of "Geo Scanner" to detect the geopathic stress lines in the earth, which disrupts our life in a varied way. Mr.Rajesh Sarswat is one amongst the only 4-5 eminent people who deal in the sphere of geopathic stress.

His present focus is to promote vastu shastra as a science and not a myth based on a very scientific and natural approach. He aims to create a balance of energy between individual and his surroundings through directions.

He makes use of his knowledge and experience to provide you the most comprehensive vastu remedies in your house and work place and foster an environment of peace and harmony, attract health and wealth and enrich you with simplified life through global thinking.